As someone partial to PorterKelly, and Weinberger - I have quite a few interpretations of what I think merits a "Competitive Advantage". While some of these definitions lean more towards the complex, there is one I keep handy at all times;

‘Competitive Advantage’ is doing what the other person is not willing to do.

When we set out to build Rocketr (originally dubbed ‘Rhonda’), I spent dozens of hours in coffee shops pitching the premise to anyone that would listen. The reason? Practice. It was the single fastest way to improve the idea, thereby improving the product.

I also knew that the more I did it, the faster I’d get somewhere.

A few weeks back, we wrote a post that spoke to an adjacent set of efforts being conducted at Jet Cooper. We spoke about "eating your own dog food" in reference to our decision to build a web application using the design processes we've refined through the couple dozen applications we've designed for others to date.

I spoke briefly about this at Lean Coffee TO a few weeks back, and the way we structured this experiment seemed to strike a chord.

In case you threw out your Grade 10 textbook (I did), the Scientific Method reads something like this:

  • Pose a Question
  • Gather Information and Research
  • Construct a Hypothesis (a Statement)
  • Perform the Experiment and Collect Data
  • Analyze Data
  • Draw Conclusions, and finally
  • Publish