Jet Cooper is built to design great products. From our studio, to our process, to our clients, everything has been made to help us do the best work of our careers. Read on to learn more.

  • Focus Model

    Every designer and developer works on a single project at a time. We know what it means to get creatively exhausted when you're swinging for home runs with every product, so we make sure our team can focus on a single set of priorities.

  • Cross-Disciplinary Pods

    A project is led by a finely-tuned pod that includes a lead designer, lead developer, and product manager. What's more, our studio seating is organized by project, not by discipline, which creates outcomes that are grounded in every expertise.

  • Full Studio Collaboration

    Collaboration doesn't stop at our pods - our best work enlists expertise from all corners of our studio. From weekly designer, dev, and strategy talks, to team-wide demo days, we achieve and celebrate our wins together as a studio.

  • Everything Else

    Yes, we do all the other good stuff too. Healthy benefit packages, shiny new equipment, weekly groceries, flexible work hours, sane work-life balance, creative recess time, and plenty of other perks that help us work without worry.

We do this successfully by making Jet Cooper a people-first environment.

Sound like your cup of tea? Throw us a high five - we can't wait to meet you.

  • Front-End Developer in Toronto

    Our front-end developers aren’t just front-end developers.

    Yes, you’re expected to be proficient in all the technical stuff – HTML, CSS, JS – but you’re also expected to understand how all of that fits into delivering exceptional user experiences. And that starts at Day 0, not at day 60 when decisions have already been locked in and promised. No. As a front-end developer you’ll work alongside one of our brilliant designers from the get-go to conceptualize and build great products that have real impact on real people.

    Your mandate is to make smart and scalable decisions around the technology that brings our work to life. And because there are no layers between you and the client, you’re expected to be able to speak intelligently to (and sometimes defend) those decisions that you make. Strong verbal and written communication are the backbone to succeeding here.

    You should also understand that design isn’t just for designers. That means that you think actively about design systems and even adjust the padding on the odd occasion a designer slips a pixel. That also means that you see and respect the fact that you’re an essential half to a cohesive UX-driven ecosystem.

    We look to our front-end developers to adopt and extend standards for teammates and partners. To do that well, you have to have a keen understanding of design and development workflows. We also expect experimentation to be part of your own workflow and would encourage you to evangelize the progressive technologies that you believe in. Fortunately, we give you 10% of your month to do just that.

    If you have experience with MV* frameworks, that’s a big asset. If you know how to write AMD modules, even better. If you’re passionate about building meaningful experiences for people just like you (and others that might not be just like you), then you should definitely get in touch.

    How to Apply

    Send your resume and some samples of your work to with the subject line “Toronto Front-End Developer”. We’ll contact suitable candidates right away. You’ll have a chance to learn more, ask questions, and visit us.

  • Designer in Toronto

    Our designers aren’t just designers.

    They are product leads, experience architects and interaction designers, too. As a designer, you’ll be point-man (or woman) in your projects and lead creative discussions, information architecture, interface design and interaction design. You’ll be expected to craft world-class experiences for our clients and projects. You’ll need to zone in and kick ass day-to-day, but also be able to visualize the end-product to bring it to life with the patience to perfect. A creative director, product manager and a full team of other awesome creatives will be your wingmen.

    At Jet Cooper, there are no layers between you and the client. As such, you’ll need to have strong verbal and written communication skills to present and defend your decisions. But don’t sweat it, we have the luxury of working with pretty savvy clients who respect and understand that the right design decisions can make all the difference.

    In addition to having the raw talent to design stunningly beautiful interfaces, you need to have an unrelenting passion for interactive design and a pixel-perfect attention to detail. Your knowledge of, and commitment to UX principles and best practices should guide your strategy, while creative and pragmatic design thinking should lead your execution.

    An ability to code in HTML/CSS/JS is not required, but is a very strong asset. Experience using and creating paper prototypes, site maps, user flows and wireframes for the purpose of communicating your ideas and planning architecture, is extremely important.

    Our team thrives on collaboration in a fast-paced environment. We like to stay lean and keep things real, so communication always trumps process and structure. We also help each other grow and refine our crafts and keep each other accountable for it.

    If you think this sounds like an environment that will enable you to do your best work, you’re encouraged to apply.

    How to Apply

    Send your resume and a portfolio of work to with the subject line “Toronto Designer”. We’ll contact suitable candidates right away. You’ll have a chance to learn more, ask questions, and visit us.