A couple weeks back, Jet Cooper hosted Year One Labs office hours here at the studio.

The folks that attended got to hear Alistair talk about the future of content ownership, Ben talk truth, and Ian reflect on co-working. Ray, the Founder of Flow Ventures, a Montreal-based accelerator, gave the rationale behind Year One’s existence.

To paraphrase, Year One is a bit of a different beast when it comes to incubating startups. They are focused on working with fewer entrepreneurs than say, a YCombinator (they will graduate 4 or 5 startups in their inaugural year), and that means pulling up a chair alongside the entrepreneur(s) and co-creating in a way that affords a greater chance of success.

In short: more time, attention and capital for the startup. Better odds.

For our part, we simply provided the space and the initial case of social lubricant beer. Year One topped up the glasses for the remainder of the evening and gave the Toronto startup scene a new avenue to consider.

“More good is gooder” (as they say).