Competition matters. But as Canadians, we're ready to hold open the  door, smile friendly hellos and return the extra change. Instead of viewing our kind and open nature as a hinderance, shouldn't we acknowledge Canada's ability to collaborate as a competitive advantage?

At TEDxSiliconNorth, Satish explores what he believes to be the path to innovation in Canada: our ability to out-share, out-trust, and out-respect every other city in the world.

Using the stories of his many successful (and unsuccessful) coffee meetings, he walks the audience through his experience of building a community with friends and peers in Toronto’s tech scene.

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  • Totally respect the new thinking coming out of Toronto. Personally, I agree with how powerful coffee meetings can be, even thought I’m a tea guy ;) You can really talk to a person when they are relaxed and ready to share their thoughts.

    That being said, being a young naive designer, I had a great experience with Satish and their meeting style. Really a breath of fresh air in the Toronto scene.

    Keep rocking guys!

  • Thanks for the great feedback Aloke! You’re welcome back for a coffee anytime :).