1. Gavin installed a Dish Cam to nail the team members who aren’t washing their dishes. It caught many a culprit, but mostly just catches Satish’s round-up of other peoples’ mess.

2. Satish shared the meetup group for the newly formed Lean Coffee Waterloo, mirrored after Lean Coffee Toronto.


3. Arati snapped a great shot of a sculpture at the Shops at Don Mills.

4. We had a new pal wandering around the office at Show & Tell when Nick brought in his new puppy, Russell.

5. Evan finally got his hands on Responsive Web Designa book that got great reviews from some other members of the team.

  • http://www.jonlim.ca/ Jon Lim

    Just a heads up: the featured image doesn’t show up in the RSS feed (always wondered why I couldn’t see picture number 1!)

    However, that dish cam is genius. I wish to use it and shame people publicly with it.

  • http://twitter.com/aratisharma Arati Sharma

    Thanks Jon, we’ll look into it! 

    • Daduder