It’s the end of yet another busy day and you’ve got an enormous list of items still left to check off. Reminders, tasks, messages, and not to mention emails, emails, emails. The office is bustling with life, yet you’ve barely had enough time to chat with your desk mate about the game last night!

It is my firm belief that no matter the industry, or the profession, everyone is occasionally subject to what I like to call “there aren’t enough hours in the day” day.

Photo Credit: Behrouz Hariri

And oh boy, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share! All work environments are set up to deal with these days differently (if at all). One solution the team at Jet Cooper uses is the end of day team regroup standing meeting.

Everyday at 5 o’clock, the team regroup bell goes off. Yes, we have a bell. Its sound penetrates our headphones. Slowly but surely everyone makes their way to the meeting table and regroup begins! Often, Arati will kick things off by asking her famous question, “Soo, how was everyone’s day?”. Very casually (I often lay on our office bean bag) we begin our team regroup by taking turns discussing what we are working on, what work we’ve completed, and any challenges we are facing. There really are no rules to how team regroup is conducted. It takes all of 10 minutes to go through the entire team’s updates and everyone is completely synced on what everyone else is doing!

The benefits of an end-of-day regroup are astounding. Regroups ensure the improvement of the team’s performance as a whole, productivity, and internal communication (all of which can be translated into client/customer interactions). They also ensure that team members are better equipped and motivated to help one and other succeed in the challenges they face during the day. A side effect of the regroup is that it’s just a nice way to relax, connect, and to discourage feelings of isolation or frustration for those “there aren’t enough hours in a day” days. As a team, we’ve managed to do all of this (and more) and in only 10 minutes at the end of each day.

In my experience, working for several different agencies (big and small), I understand that certain work environments are better suited for this type of activity than others. Here at Jet Cooper we have the advantage of a small team and can therefore conduct our regroups in a quick and efficient manner. If you work or manage a large team, you can try conducting regroups in smaller pods and perhaps save a small block of time at the end of the week to catch up with the entire team. We’ve tried out a couple different methods and meeting times, and know that different solutions work for different teams.

I encourage you make an attempt to try implement an end-of-day regroup in your work environment! The results are amazing and it only takes 10 minutes at the end of day. Trust me, (and the team at Jet Cooper) you will not be disappointed!

  • Why are we so coordinated?

  • I adore how we all match in the photo…NOT planned, folks! 

  • Aaron Alfred

    This is a philosophy I can respect. :)

  • Why did you chose to make it an end of day activity over the traditional cookie cutter first thing in the morning approach? 

  • We keep a 15 min Monday morning meeting to kickoff the week, but during the week everyone prefers getting into the work “zone” in the mornings. It allows for flexibility on when and how people like to start their day.