Good design comes from research, a fair amount of complex thinking, and the practical application of design principles. But, great design comes from collaboration, testing your assumptions, and having your team ask the tough question; "Why?"

When it comes to building products, design is the real differentiator. When there’s an app for everything, why someone chooses one over another has everything to do with its seamless, intuitive, and pixel-perfect experience.

That is why we do what we do. Our approach to design has always been rooted in knowing that the small things paint the big picture – even a young Verne knew it.

Thanks to Eighteen Eighty for helping us tell this story. We hope you’ll drop us a comment, tweet or like if you enjoy it.

  • Boom! Great summary of what it’s all about for you guys! Much love and respect from all of us at TWG. 

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    Love that Verne is getting the exposure he so deserves :)

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  • This was such a fun project for everyone! So great to hear that all of you enjoyed it. Eighteen Eighty killed it!

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  • Awesome video and great thoughts. Love it!

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