You've probably heard by now that we've moved to a new location, right across the park from our old office. And yes, that does mean there will be an office-warming shindig sometime soon, but for now let's do a little retrospection.

Last Friday marked the bitter sweet occasion of our last working day at Jet Cooper’s home of two years. Taking a last stroll around the office and looking at our neatly packed desks, it occurred to me how we at Jet Cooper, and perhaps many of our peers in the industry, use very similar tools for our day to day task: thinking.

It’s the end of yet another busy day and you’ve got an enormous list of items still left to check off. Reminders, tasks, messages, and not to mention emails, emails, emails. The office is bustling with life, yet you’ve barely had enough time to chat with your desk mate about the game last night!

It is my firm belief that no matter the industry, or the profession, everyone is occasionally subject to what I like to call “there aren’t enough hours in the day” day.