I am sitting alongside 59 other people right now in the Facebook Canada offices. It's midnight on a Friday night. There's enough red bull here to last 'til morning - which is important since the plan is to ship at 6am.

I’ve been trying my best to embody lean for as long as it’s been around, but tonight I am learning the importance of a few things…

Twelve hours, a cause, and a commitment to “impact”… these are what keep you in check. If you want to ship, this is how you do it.

TEDxToronto is an independently organized conference licensed by TED. The yearly event brings together Toronto’s thought leaders, change-makers and everyday citizens to witness unforgettable talks from all disciplines.

As active participants in our local community of technologists, educators and designers (in all their broadest definitions), our team couldn’t have been any prouder to carry the label of official Creative Partner for TEDxToronto over the last two years. With the release of this year’s talk videos this morning, I thought I’d reflect on the work we’ve been privileged to create (and recreate) for this prestigious annual event.

We're excited to officially announce the launch of a new design program for technology accelerators across Canada - Design in Residence ("DiR").

Our team at Jet Cooper has been working hard over the last few months to define a new way of providing leading user experience design mentorship, education and resources into major technology hubs in Canada.

The result of these efforts is a program we’re calling “Design in Residence”, and it will be available to startups at Montreal’s FounderFuel, Waterloo’s VeloCity, and Toronto’s MaRS Commons beginning January 2012.