Jet Cooper is growing and we're looking for curious, kind, and talented people to join our family in Toronto.

We're hiring for the following three roles: Product Manager, Interface Designer, and Front-End Developer.

The last few months have brought with them some of the most exciting ideas, projects and opportunities in our short history. We’re excited to have an opportunity to invite a new set of minds to the ship – adding to the fourteen thinkers, artists and coders who work together every day to define user experiences.


One of my, ahem, great strengths is that when left to my own devices, I have the tendency of buying all the books. On good days, it means having reading material on hand for every topic imaginable.

On not-so-good days, it's akin to being trapped in an episode of TLC's Hoarding: Buried Alive. But over the break, I used my powers for good and bought myself the Clifton Strengths Finder 2.0.

Whether you’re freelancing or working with a team, online design communities are really great support networks to get feedback on your work. And every once in awhile, we designers come out from behind our screens and bring these virtual communities to life.

And for that purpose, we hosted the November Dribbble Meetup – a chance for designers to come together and chat about their work in real-life.