According to the colour contrast checker at, the text on the left doesn't make the cut, while the text on the right is good to go.

Earlier this year, I was about to start working on a new project, when I was told that it would have to meet certain accessibility requirements (in this case it was ADA Section 508). At first, I wasn't really too worried about it. As long as my code was clean and I didn't do anything too stupid, it would be no big deal… right? Well, reading up on the standards confirmed that making a site decently accessible means that there's a lot more to it than just remembering alt tags.

These apps use rich, vibrant backgrounds that work well with the app and convey the brand's personality. - TSN Sports; Seattle Sounders FC Apps

The Fall of 2012 brought a great opportunity to design for the new Windows 8. We were tackling The Globe & Mail's news app, which was slated to be released on launch day in the Windows Store. While ramping up on the Microsoft Design Style and Windows 8 design patterns, it became apparent that the real challenge would be in finding ways to flex our creative muscles with a platform that, to some critics, has been designed to homogenize digital experiences.