Of all the meetups I’ve ever been a part of, this one has proven to have the most value, the most relevance, and the best possible group of likeminds you could hope to find in a city.

LeanCoffeeTO is a peer group of entrepreneurs in Toronto. 25 to 30 people have been attending every session for 20 weeks. We’ve seen each other’s businesses face and overcome challenges – and have been there to share and absorb the lessons.

Last week, our friends at Eighteen Eighty captured the dynamic in story.

  • Wow, awesome video! I’d be interested to know what hardware they used for recording.

    They looked just like still cameras, but clearly they had decent video capture, some nice lenses, and focusing capability.

  • Hell yes!

    Awesome video by Eighteen-Eighty!

    Note to self: find out what font was used for “LeanCoffeeToronto” #rkt :P

  • Hi Andrew, thanks for this write up and shout out. Toronto is doing incredible things and the more people I meet the more I love this city.

    @Jason Hanley – the camera’s are DSLRs, specifically, Canon 7D’s and thank you for the kind words.

    @Maurice Chang – thank you for the love! The font is bello pro.


  • Maurice Chang

    Thanks Vinny!!!