I am sitting alongside 59 other people right now in the Facebook Canada offices. It's midnight on a Friday night. There's enough red bull here to last 'til morning - which is important since the plan is to ship at 6am.

I’ve been trying my best to embody lean for as long as it’s been around, but tonight I am learning the importance of a few things…

Twelve hours, a cause, and a commitment to “impact”… these are what keep you in check. If you want to ship, this is how you do it.

The cause is Free the Children. They are the beneficiary of 60 of Toronto’s best coders and designers. Tomorrow they will have an entirely new digital experience inclusive of iPhone and Android apps, a mobile web version of their “We Day” website, and a Facebook Canvas app. It would have taken them years to achieve this scale of update. In 12 hours it will be done.

And therein lies the value of choosing a great cause and committing to impact. You don’t have the luxury of paying attention to anything less than exactly what is needed.

It also helps that all of these efforts are being driven by the urgency of shipping by morning. Welcome to ‘Hack for a Cause’. The big audacious goal is simply to make change.

We have 6 hours left.

  • Heading into the ship jungle myself and just ran into this post. Thanks for a little inspiration.

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