You have a passion for people and ideas. You’re skilled in the art and science of translating insights into superior user-centric digital experiences. While you frequently wonder “would our users care about this?”, you more often than not just get your hands dirty by asking them yourself.

You feel equally at home exploring big ideas with clients, as you do hunkering down with designers and developers to prototype a best-in-class user interaction. You’re also not scared of talking technology, and you read like content is going out of style.

You have spent your career knee-deep in digital in some form. You may be on the front lines of a design or development team right now, or you may have your own startup or consultancy that you’re looking to grow from.

We are a team of product people – designers, developers, and strategists that sit side-by-side helping our clients transform their businesses in the digital space. We define a product vision, create user insights, and deliver outcomes. We work with fast-growing startups, market-leading brands, and everyone in-between.

If you are a product manager, digital strategist, or pragmatic creative, and you’re interested in working with us, please drop us a line.

How to Apply

Send your resume or LinkedIn to with the subject line “Toronto Product Manager”. We’ll contact suitable candidates right away. You’ll have a chance to learn more, ask questions, and visit us.

Learn More

Jet Cooper is built to design great products. From our studio, to our process, to our clients, everything has been made to help us do the best work of our careers. Visit our careers page.