We're excited to officially announce the launch of a new design program for technology accelerators across Canada - Design in Residence ("DiR").

Our team at Jet Cooper has been working hard over the last few months to define a new way of providing leading user experience design mentorship, education and resources into major technology hubs in Canada.

The result of these efforts is a program we’re calling “Design in Residence”, and it will be available to startups at Montreal’s FounderFuel, Waterloo’s VeloCity, and Toronto’s MaRS Commons beginning January 2012.

DiR will support the growing number of engineer-led startups that are emerging due to the increasingly lower costs of starting a business. The goal is to increase the batting average of these startups as they look to find product-market fit, by applying lean principles and an agile approach to design.

Startups participating in DiR will be able to list design as a differentiator in an increasingly competitive space, where every user, dollar and pageview counts. The focus will be on measuring success through product desirability and user adoption, rather than simply getting to market with a working product.

The package that each DiR startup will receive includes:

  • On-Site Presentations – To be delivered as part of each accelerator’s content calendar on best practices, case studies, and user experience design processes.
  • UX Workshops – To be delivered one-on-one to each startup in order to help guide conceptualization, architecture, user goals and feedback, and inform the product roadmap.
  • Office Hours – Available on an ongoing and scheduled basis both in-person and on-call. This time will be used for follow-up, problem-solving, and ideation.

DiR will be customized over time as per the different needs of each accelerator, with pilots underway as of this month. Jet Cooper will ultimately be delivering on an area of essential knowledge that startups often have less exposure to in their founding teams. We will also be offering additional support as needed by participating startups.

Jet Cooper has always been invested in startup success. Today, we’re doubling down with the introduction of DiR into the Canadian technology ecosystem.

About FounderFuel

FounderFuel is a startup accelerator based in Montreal focused on web, saas, mobile, and gaming. Featuring two cohorts a year (18 to 20 teams total) and a network of 120+ mentors and advisors from around the world, FounderFuel is backed by Real Ventures, a $50M Montreal-based seed fund.

About VeloCity

VeloCity is a student residence-based start-up incubator at the University of Waterloo with more than 150 students. VeloCity is a community that educates and connects talented, like-minded students with each other and with the surrounding start-up community, support, and mentorship. The VeloCity Venture Fund is a grant offered to current students that are interested in starting their own business.

About MaRS Commons

MaRS Commons will be home to Toronto’s hottest technology and entertainment entrepreneurs and the MaRS information technology, communications and entertainment (ICE) practice. It offers advice, insight, mentorship programs, networking opportunities, co-working space, amazing speakers, market research, education programs and access to capital – all to help entrepreneurs thrive.

About Jet Cooper

Jet Cooper is a user experience agency based in Toronto, Canada. We design smart, capable and beautiful applications for web, mobile and tablet. We’ve worked with over 30 early-stage technology companies and brands building digital products across North America.

If you’re a startup, designer or accelerator and want to get in touch, please contact us at DiR@jetcooper.com.

If you want to arrange an interview, please contact me at satish@jetcooper.com.

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