In an unforeseen turn of events, the Big Bang Technology acquisition of Jet Cooper (which seems to have become better known as The #JetBang Deal) has fallen apart.

Sources say the two sides could not agree on certain particulars and that the nail in the coffin was a spelling mistake made across all the signed documents. Apparently, Big Bang was unable to recall how many “o’s” were in Jet Cooper and repeatedly referred to their acquisition target as Jet Coooper throughout the negotiations. Satish Kanwar was not impressed and had this to say,


While this was certainly a detail that could have been overcome, Kanwar and (Verne) Ho had a change of heart after seeing the emergence of the #JetBang hashtag earlier today and decided that since the “Jet” came first in the tag, it only made sense that Big Bang be absorbed into Jet Cooper.

Big Bang responded by circulating a #BangJet hashtag minutes later.

“They were throwing hashtags around as if there were no people being affected. That isn’t the way we do business. For every tag there’s a human life that needs to be considered,” said Ho.

A tumultuous few hours later, both sides agreed that the deal was “off” despite never really being “on”. On that note, let me be the first to say,


  • But what about the children?

  • I really wanted it to be true.

    No joke.

  • Thanks for being such good sports.


  • #JetBang and #BangJet – Awesome.

    My only question was, do you keep the lab coats or do you ditch them?

    Fun post!

  • Afshin

    Well of course this couldn’t go through…. Since Jet Cooper is an Afshin company and I hadn’t approved this. Unless they got the approval from me on Twestival – I seem to agree to anything at Twestival ;)

  • Well, it was fun while it lasted!

    Like Max said, thanks for being such great sports.

  • You guys got us good, and were awesome through the day. Thanks :)

  • 雄 周