This week is the one year anniversary of Lean Coffee Toronto. With more than 500 leanists involved and close to 100 sessions hosted, the community has become a key resource for entrepreneurs in the city.

It had a humble beginning last September, with the inaugural session being hosted on a Thursday at our previous Jet Cooper office.

Photo Credit: Chris Mudiappahpillai

A lot has changed and a lot hasn’t since that day. We’ve witnessed rapid participation growth, interesting offshoot experiments, and many newly formed relationships. We’ve also managed to hang on to the founding values – to have an accessible, scalable and knowledgeable community of like-minded folks.

This week has really been a celebration of the lean movement in the city, with a ‘lean week’ of 5 sessions to work on the future of Lean Coffee Toronto. The week started with a series of retrospectives, and has continued to evolve into this morning’s session where we used lean canvasing tools to model out the community’s own problems, solutions and value propositions.

We split the 30-odd attendees into 4 groups, who created a canvas each to present back to everyone afterwards. You can find an image of each of the canvases below (although you probably can’t read them, but we’ll fix that later).

It was a fun, practical and collaborative way of discussing how to better this thing that we’re all proud of. If you were in attendance today or have ideas of your own, let’s keep talking in the message board.

Congratulations to everyone who’s been a part of it so far.

Lean Week 2011

Learn more about Lean Coffee Toronto, follow the conversation on Twitter, or watch the introduction video.


  • Dan

    Sweet post.  Just sent in my invite to the Meetup group, looking forward to joining some meetings and meeting some like-minded people! 

  • Thanks Dan! Hope you’ll be able to join us sometime soon.

  • Cool initiative. Too bad there aren’t many of these kind of meetups in Belgium! Hope you are planning an international tour one day? ;)