We started Jet Cooper three and a half years ago from humble beginnings. Our website has taken many forms since, from the first ever splash page to our first major release last year.

We’ve intentionally said only what we’ve known for certain over the course of our short history. With the progress we’ve seen this year in our team, business, and industry, we’ve had an opportunity to learn more than ever before about the role, value, and experience we offer.

Today, in keeping with tradition, we’re proud to introduce you to our completely redesigned website.

Jet Cooper is growing and we're looking for curious, kind, and talented people to join our family in Toronto.

The last few months have brought with them some of the most exciting ideas, projects and opportunities in our short history. We’re excited to have an opportunity to invite a new set of minds to the ship – adding to the fourteen thinkers, artists and coders who work together every day to define user experiences.

We’re hiring for the following three roles: Product Manager, Interface Designer, and Front-End Developer.

TEDxToronto is an independently organized conference licensed by TED. The yearly event brings together Toronto’s thought leaders, change-makers and everyday citizens to witness unforgettable talks from all disciplines.

As active participants in our local community of technologists, educators and designers (in all their broadest definitions), our team couldn’t have been any prouder to carry the label of official Creative Partner for TEDxToronto over the last two years. With the release of this year’s talk videos this morning, I thought I’d reflect on the work we’ve been privileged to create (and recreate) for this prestigious annual event.

My City Lives, one of our longest standing clients, launched the second version of its location-based video platform yesterday, adding another significant stripe to its sleeve since its inception (and since we first started working with them) in late 2009.

One of the joys of working with talented startups is that we often get to watch products graduate through their various stages of maturity. The relationships we build and retain with a product (and its team) through that growth provides a backbone of consistent feedback and other inputs that allow us to better understand the vision, position and users over time. This inevitably enables us to deliver even better work round after round, phase after phase.