We've moved three times in the last four years. Some might call it crazy, but we've made the effort to keep our commitments lean and explore growth organically.

Over eight months ago (yes, it takes that long), we started to consider what it would mean to find a new home for our team. We had barely been in our current studio for a year, but it was becoming clearer by the day that it wouldn’t hold much longer.

Desks on desks on desks meant that we had to soon let go of the basics. Lunch tables became meeting tables. Storage space became work space. Weekly chores became a kitchen sink apocalypse.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re moving to 241 Spadina Avenue.

A sneak peek of our new studio at 241 Spadina Ave. before moving in.

Our new studio is only a couple of blocks up from where we are now and still within the community we’ve grown and thrived in. It triples our physical footprint in a beautiful local landmark on Spadina Avenue, which has great cultural heritage value in Toronto from the early 20th century (more on that later).

It will follow in the footsteps of our old studios on Brant Street, Maud Street, and Adelaide Street, as a true home for our team, partners, and community. We’ve been working hard on the interior design, furnishings, and creative plans for it over the last three months. It will take us another couple of months to finish, but we’ll be sharing more updates as we go.

We’re all around Toronto this morning with a slightly different focus than our usual Fridays. The daily hustle is taking a temporary backseat to U-Hauls, cardboard boxes, and those little things that you lose behind the bookshelf.

We still can’t believe our eyes, but we’re proud, grateful, and ridiculously excited for the years ahead. Thanks for helping us make this happen.

We started Jet Cooper three and a half years ago from humble beginnings. Our website has taken many forms since, from the first ever splash page to our first major release last year.

We’ve intentionally said only what we’ve known for certain over the course of our short history. With the progress we’ve seen this year in our team, business, and industry, we’ve had an opportunity to learn more than ever before about the role, value, and experience we offer.

Today, in keeping with tradition, we’re proud to introduce you to our completely redesigned website.

Jet Cooper is growing and we're looking for curious, kind, and talented people to join our family in Toronto.

The last few months have brought with them some of the most exciting ideas, projects and opportunities in our short history. We’re excited to have an opportunity to invite a new set of minds to the ship – adding to the fourteen thinkers, artists and coders who work together every day to define user experiences.

We’re hiring for the following three roles: Product Manager, Interface Designer, and Front-End Developer.

We're excited to officially announce the launch of a new design program for technology accelerators across Canada - Design in Residence ("DiR").

Our team at Jet Cooper has been working hard over the last few months to define a new way of providing leading user experience design mentorship, education and resources into major technology hubs in Canada.

The result of these efforts is a program we’re calling “Design in Residence”, and it will be available to startups at Montreal’s FounderFuel, Waterloo’s VeloCity, and Toronto’s MaRS Commons beginning January 2012.