Recently, a few of us went to the Design Exchange winter exhibit: Stefan Sagmeister, The Happy Show. There has been a lot of buzz this past year over Sagmeister’s upcoming feature film The Happy Film. Couple this with the sneak peek we were given during Sagmeister’s talk at Design Thinkers last year, and we were pretty stoked to go check it out.

Happy is as Happy Does

Overall I was pretty impressed with the show, the typographic elements probably being of the most interest to me. Most of the walls of the entire third floor were covered with handwritten notes and exhibits (mistakes included). There were also some much larger type installations that were truly inspiring. As a designer there is something deeply satisfying about seeing beautiful typography displayed on such a grandiose scale.

One of my, ahem, great strengths is that when left to my own devices, I have the tendency of buying all the books. On good days, it means having reading material on hand for every topic imaginable.

On not-so-good days, it’s akin to being trapped in an episode of TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive. But over the break, I used my powers for good and bought myself the Clifton Strengths Finder 2.0.

1. When it comes to cooking, Verne is serious about doing one thing really really well. This week, he was perfecting Gordon Ramsey’s rich scrambled eggs.

2. I’m reading a book What’s Mine Is Yoursthat sheds an astute eye on time sharing objects and spaces. Only a few pages in, but the book came with high praise from a fellow classmate!