Recently, a few of us went to the Design Exchange winter exhibit: Stefan Sagmeister, The Happy Show. There has been a lot of buzz this past year over Sagmeister’s upcoming feature film The Happy Film. Couple this with the sneak peek we were given during Sagmeister’s talk at Design Thinkers last year, and we were pretty stoked to go check it out.

Happy is as Happy Does

Overall I was pretty impressed with the show, the typographic elements probably being of the most interest to me. Most of the walls of the entire third floor were covered with handwritten notes and exhibits (mistakes included). There were also some much larger type installations that were truly inspiring. As a designer there is something deeply satisfying about seeing beautiful typography displayed on such a grandiose scale.

The Fall of 2012 brought a great opportunity to design for the new Windows 8. We were tackling The Globe & Mail's news app, which was slated to be released on launch day in the Windows Store. While ramping up on the Microsoft Design Style and Windows 8 design patterns, it became apparent that the real challenge would be in finding ways to flex our creative muscles with a platform that, to some critics, has been designed to homogenize digital experiences.

We started Jet Cooper three and a half years ago from humble beginnings. Our website has taken many forms since, from the first ever splash page to our first major release last year.

We’ve intentionally said only what we’ve known for certain over the course of our short history. With the progress we’ve seen this year in our team, business, and industry, we’ve had an opportunity to learn more than ever before about the role, value, and experience we offer.

Today, in keeping with tradition, we’re proud to introduce you to our completely redesigned website.

Whether you’re freelancing or working with a team, online design communities are really great support networks to get feedback on your work. And every once in awhile, we designers come out from behind our screens and bring these virtual communities to life.

And for that purpose, we hosted the November Dribbble Meetup – a chance for designers to come together and chat about their work in real-life.

I am sitting alongside 59 other people right now in the Facebook Canada offices. It's midnight on a Friday night. There's enough red bull here to last 'til morning - which is important since the plan is to ship at 6am.

I’ve been trying my best to embody lean for as long as it’s been around, but tonight I am learning the importance of a few things…

Twelve hours, a cause, and a commitment to “impact”… these are what keep you in check. If you want to ship, this is how you do it.