I've had an interesting and off the beaten path journey that has led me to what I do today at Jet Cooper and with TEDxToronto. So, when Ashoka asked to me speak at their Changemakers series event, I knew I had to focus on the one thing that I believe unifies us entrepreneur types the most: risk.

Though my mom might cringe at this video, I think it’s important for those who don’t choose the traditional school to profession route to know there are others out there like you.

Watch and let me know what you think!


This past weekend I had the chance to speak at jQueryTO about creating a stronger developer culture within organizations and teams. Specifically, I wanted to share some of my own experiences and get people thinking about how they can create similar cultures of their own.

It’s a topic I’ve been interested since I started as a developer and one we feel really strongly about at Jet Cooper. This past year, as we continued to iterate on our process, we focussed a lot of energy on what we could do to strengthen both our development process and culture within the studio at large.  In my talk, I shared our insights from inside and outside of projects, which I’ll try to summarize here.

Recently, a few of us went to the Design Exchange winter exhibit: Stefan Sagmeister, The Happy Show. There has been a lot of buzz this past year over Sagmeister’s upcoming feature film The Happy Film. Couple this with the sneak peek we were given during Sagmeister’s talk at Design Thinkers last year, and we were pretty stoked to go check it out.

Happy is as Happy Does

Overall I was pretty impressed with the show, the typographic elements probably being of the most interest to me. Most of the walls of the entire third floor were covered with handwritten notes and exhibits (mistakes included). There were also some much larger type installations that were truly inspiring. As a designer there is something deeply satisfying about seeing beautiful typography displayed on such a grandiose scale.

Sharing a portfolio is a little like sending your baby off to their first day of school. You've done your best to prepare and equip them for what’s about to come, but now it’s time they stand their own ground and play nice with others.

Sometimes they come back crying and you have to fix them up, other times they impress everyone by going further than you could hope for. That’s the experience more than 50 bright creatives in Toronto shared last week at our studio as a part of the global Behance Portfolio Reviews.

On November 5, Jet Cooper hosted the 7th largest review session out of the 665 cities that joined the initiative around the world. The evening turned out to be a pleasant one both for the presenters and mentors, so much so that we extended the reviews for an additional hour. Then we called it a night, walked over to a nearby eatery, and continued conversations over food.

Photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, artists, and copywriters mingle at the studio before review sessions begin.