A sneak peek of our new studio at 241 Spadina Ave. before moving in.

We've moved three times in the last four years. Some might call it crazy, but we've made the effort to keep our commitments lean and explore growth organically.

Today, we're proud to announce that we're moving to 241 Spadina Avenue.

Over eight months ago (yes, it takes that long), we started to consider what it would mean to find a new home for our team. We had barely been in our current studio for a year, but it was becoming clearer by the day that it wouldn’t hold much longer.

Desks on desks on desks meant that we had to soon let go of the basics. Lunch tables became meeting tables. Storage space became work space. Weekly chores became a kitchen sink apocalypse.

Our new studio is only a couple of blocks up from where we are now and still within the community we’ve grown and thrived in. It triples our physical footprint in a beautiful local landmark on Spadina Avenue, which has great cultural heritage value in Toronto from the early 20th century (more on that later).

It will follow in the footsteps of our old studios on Brant Street, Maud Street, and Adelaide Street, as a true home for our team, partners, and community. We’ve been working hard on the interior design, furnishings, and creative plans for it over the last three months. It will take us another couple of months to finish, but we’ll be sharing more updates as we go.

We’re all around Toronto this morning with a slightly different focus than our usual Fridays. The daily hustle is taking a temporary backseat to U-Hauls, cardboard boxes, and those little things that you lose behind the bookshelf.

We still can’t believe our eyes, but we’re proud, grateful, and ridiculously excited for the years ahead. Thanks for helping us make this happen.

  • onassar


  • Awesome. Congrats team and so happy to have been a witness to your growth.

  • Awesome! Congrats guys

  • Keep up the good work boys.

  • Can we have a break dance battle before the furniture moves in? Congrats JC!

  • Congrats! Keep it up!

  • Jag

    Nice! Congrats on progression!

  • amazing guys! congratulations!

  • Brandon Chu

    Congratulations guys, really impressive and you deserve it all

  • Rob Wootten

    Congratulations! Can you please do the Mad Men Season 5 Finale stance?


  • Greg Moore

    Who gets the chair? Everyone else stands!

  • Looking great guys! Has it been ‘christened’ yet?

  • Whoa. You guys are awesome. That is all.

  • So proud of you guys and what you and the team have accomplished over the years. It’s incredible to see you guys grow, year after year. Keep it up!

  • Congrats, it looks nice!

  • amitjakhu

    Congratulations guys! :D Much deserved.

  • sweet!

  • Thank you all for the generous support and sharing in the excitement with us! Keep an eye open for updates :).